Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bring It On Series #2

This past Satuday was the Florida Famous training criterium, Bring It On Series, and it was the second of a three part series. I wasn't able to make it, but our newest team member, Ryan Saylor, sent in this update:

Hello Team,

The race this weekend proved to be a valuable one for all that attended. It was useful in the sense that we know we have work to do when working together as a team.

Another surprising turnout of 40 riders in the A race despite cold, wet conditions in the hours leading up to the race. Fortunately the weather started to break about 30 mins before the race started and by the end of the race the roads were almost dry. With seven guys in the race, we were the biggest team in attendance.

I think we were all pretty confident that a good result wouldn't be too difficult for us, but Phil Gaimon (Fiordifrutta), the Chavez brothers (Preferred Alliance), Gary Yates (Naples Cyclery) and Winston David (Aerospace) kept us on the defensive all day. With constant attacks for the first 15 laps of the 25 lap event, the rubber band was stretched thin many times but just wouldn't break until fairly late in the race. Finally 10 guys got up the road with only Mitch Hall representing Lindner Capital. While Mitch worked hard to keep the break going, there were too many guys up there and some decided not to rotate which kept them in reach for the hard charging pack. Just before the pack closed in on the break, 4 riders slipped away off the front of the break. Dan Chavez, Gary Yates, Phil Gaimon pushed the pace hard while John Salsbury (Jacksonvill Racing Club) was able to hang on. Chavez outsprinted Gaimon followed by Yates and Salsbury. The pack was nipping at their heels and Lindner Capital's saving grace was Karel Sumbal who nabbed the field sprint with the help of some of our guys (unfortunately, I was too far back to see who helped, though I know Mitch was up there).

So, kudos to Karel and the helping mates. It does seem a little embarrassing that with 7 guys in the race that we didn't make the break. Good thing it was just a practice race! Next race, no break will get away without us in it!

Men's A - field of 43
1 Daniel Chavez - Preferred Alliance Cycling Team
2 Phillip Gaimon - Fiordifrutta
3 Gary Yates - Naple Cyclery Gulf Coast Racing
4 John Salsbury - Jacksonville Racing Club
5 Karel Sumbal - Lindner Capital
6 Charles Jerabek - Jacksonville Racing Club
7 Shane Braley - Team Wheel & Sprocket
8 Joel Chavez - Outspokin Inc.
9 John Cody Vance - Beaches Velo Sport
10 Anthony Alexander - Helens Racing
11 Gerald Bouchard - Cycle Logic
12 John Fau lk - Colavita Racing Inc.
13 Roger Montes - Cycle Logic
14 Rob Robins - Cycle Logic
15 Jayson O'Mahoney - Cycle Logic
16 Diego Henao - Team American Classic
17 Unknown
18 Anthony Musalo - Cycle Logic
19 Beck Frydenborg - Team Florida
20 Kenneth Sallot - Cycle Logic