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“Bring it on!” Race Series #1 (1/20/07)


“Bring it on!” Race Series #1
Alachua, FL

| January 20, 2007 |

As some of the earliest races hosted in the US each season, the traditional “Bring it on!” series in Alachua, FL serves as an icebreaker for many riders in the Southeast and Florida. The current edition continued to offer some opportunities to shake off the cobwebs against some excellent competition.

The A grade race featured Kyle Wamsley (Navigators) taking on a group full of current and former masters national champions, former state champions and up and coming local elite. The race, and the season, was opened by masters champion Jim Wright (JRC), who wasted no time by attacking straight off the line. The groggy group took its time rolling up to speed and after several stop and go efforts, two chase groups eventually formed. The first contained Gary Yates (Bike Route), Phil Bailey (UF), Shane Braley (Cycle Science), James Sweeney (American Bicycle), and Rebecca Larson (Aaron’s Corp. Furnishings), and the second was composed of Wamsley, Chuck Jerabek (JRC), Roel Vanmuysen (BEL, Klaipeda Splendid), Ryan Saylor (Cycle Science), and Dan Larson (Cycle Science).

As all of the above riders hammered away after one another, the field drifted further back and was soon in jeopardy of being lapped by them all. By the time the race hit 5 laps to go, all eleven workers had taken the lap advantage and were on even terms with one another. This set the stage for a hard mass sprint to the line. In the end, masters rider James Sweeney bested the Continental pro Wamsley, while the day’s first attacker, Wright, finished in 3rd. On top of this, Wright’s aggressive efforts also claimed 7 of the 10 offered primes. Rebecca Larson had a strong finish to claim 4th, and Braley rounded out the top 5.

The Women’s event was headlined by Jackie Crowell (Cycle Science), a reigning junior national champion, making her official senior debut. After making quick work of the handicap, Jackie forged on alone and ended the event with a considerable advantage. Her teammate Cindy Tompkins had a strong sprint to seal 2nd, and Naples Cyclery rider Marilyn Cullinane completed the podium.

In the B grade race, a large, varied group battled throughout the duration of their event for multiple primes and prizes. This constant activity inhibited effective breakaways, and the group ultimately came to the line en masse. When the dust settled, Wes Wolfenbarger (unattached) came in for a clear sprint win ahead of Victor Arber (Team Florida), and Adam Baker (Colavita Regional). Two more Colavita regional riders, Dan Heggblod, and Brian Stalvey claimed 4th and 5th respectively.

Results and report courtesy of Team Florida Cycling

Women - 15 miles
1 Jackie Crowell Cycle Science @1:35
2 Cindy Tompkins Cycle Science @1:35
3 Marilyn Cullinane Naples Cyclery @1:35
4 Mandi Hall unattached @1:35
5 Amanda Tosh Team Florida @:00
6 Delene Beeland Team Florida @1:00
7 Heather Davis Team Florida @1:00
8 Kristin Donahue Team Florida @1:00
9 Alex Lechner Team Florida @1:00
10 Tracy Wallace Team Florida @1:00
11 Megan Giesa Team Florida @:00
12 Kelli Ritari unattached @:00
13 Stefanie Sherrill Team Florida @:00

Men B - 23 miles
1 Wes Wolfenbarger unattached
2 Victor Arber Team Florida
3 Adam Baker Colavita
4 Dan Heggblod Colavita
5 Brian Stalvey Colavita
6 Romero Gill unattached

Men A - 27.5 miles
1 James Sweeney American Bicycle
2 Kyle Wamsley Navigators
3 Jim Wright JRC
4 Rebecca Larson Aaron's Corporate Furnishing
5 Shane Braley Cycle Science
6 Gary Yates Naples Cyclery
7 Roel Vanmuysen Klaipeda Splendid
8 Chuck Jerabek JRC
9 Ryan Saylor Cycle Science
10 Dan Larson Cycle Science
11 Phil Bailey Team Florida
12 Scott Pfaff Cycle Logic
13 Andrew Holland Naples Cyclery
14 Masoud Reznel Velo Brew
15 Lorne Johnson Bike Route
16 Dave Comiskey Team Florida

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