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“Bring it on!” Race Series #2 (1/27/07)


“Bring it on!” Race Series #2
Alachua, FL

| January 27, 2007 |

The second “Bring it on!” series race in Alachua, FL enjoyed another great day.

The A grade race featured another difficult battle with some young guns emerging from the shootout. After initial flurries of attacks, a large group formed that included many of the previous week’s aggressors. Again Jim Wright (JRC) Gary Yates (Bike Route), Shane Braley (Wheel and Sprocket), James Sweeney (American Bicycle), Chuck Jerabek (JRC), Roel Vanmuysen (BEL, Klaipeda Splendid), Ryan Saylor (Cycle Science), and Dan Larson (Cycle Science) were in the mix. They were also joined by some new faces including Jason Snow (Cyclescience), Jon Salsbury (JRC), and two young professionals from the Aerospace Engineering-Toshiba-JetNetwork team, Bobby Sweeting and Winston David. The 14+ rider group proved rather “heavy” and only just dangled in front of the chasing field. Eventually, the efforts among the lead group allowed them to pull away, but not for any true organization.

This back and forth battle up front eventually saw Sweeting and Vanmuysen escaping in the closing laps. This duo’s tenuous lead evaporated on the final lap with the field nipping at their heals on the charge to the finish. Sweeting did manage to hold on for the win, and for icing on the cake his teammate David bolted out of the remainder of the lead group to claim second. Last week’s winner James Sweeney charged up to 3rd while Vanmuysen hung on for 4th.
The Women’s event was again dominated by Jackie Crowell (Cycle Science), who easily eliminated her increased handicap and rode on alone for her second straight victory of the series. The field behind came charging in en masse and Christ-An Hansley (Kenda) bested the rest for 2nd. Local hammer and former pro Angela Connaughton (Helen’s) claimed 3rd and rising star newcomer Amanda Tosh took an impressive 4th.

The B grade event served up all the suspense and action of a top pro event. Early on, two riders, Wes Wolfenbarger (JRC), winner of week 1, and 15 yr old Mike Niemi (Chain Reaction), built a quick advantage. This lead was steadily built to a maximum of 1 minute, but then began to fall as the finish drew near. While Wolfenbarger dropped off the pace, Niemi continued the fight to the bitter end. The field finally made contact with him a half a mile to go, and the race ended with an wily field sprint. In the final turn Masoud Rezaei (Velo Brew) led, but clipped a pedal and nearly lost control. Several riders pounced on this misstep and it was Ashish Patel (UF) who took a razor thin, photo finish win from Romero Gill (JRC). Close behind, it was Dayne Johnson (Atomic Racing), Joe Veglucci (Higher Ground), and Josh Powe (UF) taking 3rd-5th respectively.

Going into the final week, James Sweeney has a comfortable lead in the A series, Jackie Crowell has effectively clinched the Women’s series, and there is a three way tie for for the B grade title between, the two race winners Wes Wolfenbarger and Ashish Patel, and the consistent place getter, Romero Gill.


1 Jackie Crowell Cycle Science @2:15
2 Christi-Ann Hansley Kenda @1:30
3 Angela Connaugton Helen's @2:15
4 Amanda Tosh Team Florida @1:00
5 Cindy Tompkins Cycle Science @2:15
6 Mandi Hall unattached @1:30
7 Delene Beeland Team Florida @1:00
8 Heather Davis Team Florida @1:00
9 Alex Lechner Team Florida @1:00
10 Alexis Dabroski Team Florida @1:30
11 Kristin Donahue Team Florida @1:00
12 Hannah Kirshner Circle A @0:00
13 Megan Giesa Team Florida @0:00
14 Justin Pfaff Cycle Logic @0:00

Men B
1 Ashish Patel Team Florida
2 Romero Gill unattached
3 Dayne Johnson Atomic Racing
4 Joe Veglucci Higher Ground
5 Josh Powe Team Florida
6 Steve Deroche Cycle Logic
7 Masoud Rezaei Velo Brew
8 Anthony Musalo Cycle Logic
9 Mike Niemi unattached
10 Michael Chiavella Team Florida
11 Matt Greene Team Florida
12 Mike Sanford Team Florida
13 Young-Ki Chang Team Florida

Men A
1 Bobby Sweeting AEG/Toshiba/JetNetwork
2 Winston David AEG/Toshiba/JetNetwork
3 James Sweeney American Bicycle
4 Roel Vanmuysen Klaipeda Splendid
5 Chuck Jerabek JRC
6 Jason Snow Cycle Science
7 Shane Braley Wheel and Sprocket
8 Gary Yates Naples Cyclery
9 Jim Wright JRC
10 John Salsbury JRC

A Grade
Rider TEAM Total
James Sweeney American Bicycle 10
Bobby Sweeting AEG/Toshiba/Jet Network 6
Kyle Wamsley Navigators 5
Winston David AEG/Toshiba/Jet Network 5
Jim Wright JRC 4
Rebecca Larson Aaron's Corporate Furnishing 3
Roel Vanmuysen Klaipeda Splendid 3
Shane Braley Wheel and Sprocket 2
Chuck Jerabek JRC 2
Gary Yates Naples Cyclery 1
Jason Snow Cycle Science 1

B Grade
Rider TEAM Total
Wes Wolfenbarger unattached 6
Romero Gill unattached 6
Ashish Patel Team Florida 6
Victor Arber Team Florida 5
Adam Baker Colavita 4
Dayne Johnson Atomic Racing 4
Dan Heggblod Colavita 3
Joe Veglucci Higher Ground 3
Brian Stalvey Colavita 2
Josh Powe Team Florida 2
Steve Deroche Cycle Logic 1

Rider TEAM Total
Jackie Crowell Cycle Science 12
Cindy Tompkins Cycle Science 7
Amanda Tosh Team Florida 5
Christi-Ann Hansley Kenda 5
Marilyn Cullinane Naples Cyclery 4
Mandi Hall unattached 4
Angela Connaugton Helen's 4
Delene Beeland Team Florida 1

Results and report courtesy of Team Florida Cycling

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