Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SC State Criterium Championships

The following report was submitted by Jeff Kopp. Great job this weekend guys!!

"With the South Carolina State Championship Criterium Title on the line Curtis, Jeff, and Clint decided to throw Florida’s hat in the ring. The Crit was held in Hampton Park just off of the Citadel Campus. A flat fast 1 mile loop looked like it would be a good course for us. We knew it was going to be a tough race when we looked at the start list and noticed riders from SC, GA, NC, TN, OH, and FL along with one Professional Team DLP Cycling. The race was fast from the gun with attacks going off non stop. Each team was constantly sending riders up the road in order to establish a break. We had decided as a team since we were only three strong we would sit in for the first 15 minutes and get a feel for which teams were worth watching. We each took turns getting into a move in which the Pro Team DLP Cycling was involved with because we figured nothing would go without them. It turned out DLP Cycling was killing all of the breaks in order to set things of for their sprinter Boyd who was from SC and had also won the day before. With about 8 laps to go a group of 10 riders formed off the front of the field and for some reason the large field was content to just let them hold a 10 second advantage for a few laps. With about 3 laps to go Clint decided to try and get the field to close down the gap and tried jump across the gap into a stiff headwind. After a strong push the effort got to him and he decided to come back to the protection of the peleton. With two laps to go Curtis decided that Lindner Capital better be represented in the group off the front in case the field got lazy and jumped across. DLP Cycling and others finally organized at the front and quickly shut down the break. Jeff grabbed Curtis’s wheel as he skillfully powered onto the back of the DLP Cycling lead out train. It was a really good position and several teams tried to bust in on the DLP Cycling train but Curtis and Jeff held strong. Out of the last corner with about 600meters to the line we were in perfect position about 7 riders from the front. As the sprint started Curtis stood up to start the long lead out and pulled right out of his pedal!. Jeff dove to the right of Curtis to avoid any slow down but Curtis skillfully clipped back in without missing a pedal stroke. We guessed that was probably a 1 in 10 shot. At 35 mph clipping out is REALLY SCARY! The sprint was on and Jeff having lost Curtis’s wheel the deal was to both sprint for results. Lindner Capital ended up 6th (Curtis) and 7th (Jeff) for the day"