Friday, July 20, 2007

International Cycling Classic - Day 6 & 7 (7/19 - 7/20/07)

Humbolt Park Criterium
Yesterday's race was around a park, with an uphill climb on the backstretch. After a few turns there was a downhill curving finish. The top 3 places overall in the series are very close in points, so the day was spent with us watching each other. This opened up the door for Curtis to get away in a break with 8 or 9 other riders. Jeff stayed in the pack to help hold things together, and then lead out the sprint at the end. Curtis took 2nd place, and I was able to get 10th...which moved me only 1 point closer to the lead.

Later that evening was the Pro 1,2 race...and Jeff wanted to at least race in one of the Pro 1,2 races while up here. The race was 100k, and Jeff raced for 30 minutes and then dropped out. He could have finished, but wanted to be able to help us the next day...a true teammate!

Shorewood Criterium
Today we raced a couple hours Northwest of Milwaukee. The course was on an .8 mile course with 7 turns for a total of 30 miles. Curtis and Jeff kept the pace high and I tried to attack several times...but I wasn't able to shake the series leader. Halfway into the race, the guy who is 3rd place in the series attacked with 1 other rider. They were able to stay away for the rest of the race, and I was 3rd with Curtis coming in 6th place. I made up 2 points on the leader, but we're running out of races.

Curtis and I are pretty tired, so we're ready for this series to be over. Our plan is to keep racing full tilt right to the end, and hopefully take over the lead. I'm I'm off to bed. Below are some picture for your amusement...

This is Jeff buying custard from Kopps

Here is Curtis doing work on his throne...

Jeff isn't too impressed by the Pro's

Jeff in the Pro race...

"Stick a fork in me...I'm done!"

Jeff and Curtis by one of the Rock & Republic Cadillac's