Saturday, July 14, 2007

International Cycling Classic - Day1 (7/14/07)

Curtis and I have traveled to the midwest to take part in what is know as Milwaukee Superweek. There are a series of races that take place throughout Wisconsin and Illinois. We're racing the Masters 30-39 series, which consists of 6 criteriums and 3 road races...all one after another...9 days of suffering.

Today we raced at a place called Blue Island, Illinois. I'm not sure about the name, since it is not an island...I suppose that is a job for Google. Anyhow, I'm updating this from the will have to be brief.

Curtis Won!!

Curtis bridged to a break that ended up with 9 riders, and they lapped the field. He then won the field sprint! One heck of a ride. I was able to get 5th in the field sprint for 12th place. Wow...what a start! With his win, he is now leading the series.

Can't get away from these Herbalife guys!

Stay tuned for more updates...